• 50% avans la inscriere; • Diferenta se achita cu pana la 21 zile inainte de data calatoriei propriu-zise. • Pentru anulare se aplica penalizare conform conditiilor de inscriere.

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suplim transport; Autocar BUH - HKD, Metamorfossi Bucuresti - Metamorfossis; Autocar HKD, Metamorfossi - BUH Metamorfossis - Bucuresti; Package commission; Rounding; Taxe Statiune <BR />EXTRA BED FOR CHILDREN IS NOT GUARANTEED.<BR />FROM 1 JANUARY 2024 THE FEE WILL INCREASE FROM EUR 1 TO EUR 6 AND WILL BE AS FOLLOWS: FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS: 1.5 EUR, ONE AND TWO STAR HOTELS: 1.5 EUR, 3-STAR HOTELS: 3 EUR, 4-STAR HOTELS: 7 EUR, 5-STAR HOTELS: 10 EUR<BR />IF YOU FAIL TO CHECK-IN FOR THIS RESERVATION, OR IF YOU CANCEL OR CHANGE THIS RESERVATION AFTER CXL DEADLINE, YOU MAY INCUR PENALTY CHARGES AT THE DISCRETION OF THE HOTEL OF UP TO 100% OF THE BOOKING VALUE, UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED.<BR />Board name: Room_Only <BR />Room Duplex Quadruple Room: Environment fee government tax VAT City tax is included in the rates

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Sejururi cu autocarul din Bacau catre 4 You Family, Halkidiki, Grecia

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